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Dis Order of Hammered Knights

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Role-playing campaigns set in various game worlds.

Fall of Talingarde

Villainous deeds work to bring down the Kingdom of Talingarde in this “Way of the Wicked” Campaign.

The Crimson Throne

A dead king and a city on the edge of anarchy in this “Curse of the Crimson Throne” Campaign.

Drum Hell Seas

Scavenging and surviving in a post apocalyptic Albertan wasteland. A “Gamma World” Campaign.

Gangs of New York

Mutants roam the dystopian prison-city of Manhattan. A homebrew super-hero Campaign.


Game Design

Planning and design of videogames / boardgames.

Rum Raiders

A pirate drinking game with an aim to plunder ports and send others to the bottom of the sea.

Pax Arcana

Players must work together to survive the rain of magic in this hero/army building persistent game.

Gem Fort Defense

The dwarves were too greedy and dug too deep in this twist on the classic Gem TD style game.

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